HBO Is Sending Tough Guys From ‘The Sopranos’ Out To Get Their Money For HBO Now

For years, people have been saying that they would happily fork over a hefty monthly fee to access a stand-alone HBO service without having to pay for a cable TV package, and with the arrival of HBO Now, the pay cable network is having some fun.

Meet Jake Caputo, a seemingly good kid who got mixed up in this whole HBO racket when he started a website called Apparently, HBO was so enamored by Jake’s effort that they flew him to New York and asked Vincent Pastore and Tony Sirico (also known as Salvatore “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero and Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri) to reprise their roles from The Sopranos to, well, take his money for the above video.

The result is pretty funny, and it’s great to hear Paulie use the term “tweeter” and see Big Pussy throw Jake a buck for the subway before proclaiming that he’s late for spin class, but you won’t be laughing when HBO sends Chris-ta-fah to your house to shake some money out of you for using your mom’s HBO Go password for the last three years, will you?