HBO Is Letting ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Tear Down A Statue Of Joffrey With The Power Of Tweets

In what appears to be an attempt to give Game of Thrones fans the opportunity to experience all the fun of a violent revolution without the inconvenience of leaving the house, HBO is allowing people to tear down a statue of King Joffrey using the power of their tweets. A Redditor in Aukland snapped the above picture yesterday, and today HBO has launched, which features two live cams of the statue, as well as the following explanation:

Seeking the voice of the people, the maesters of the Seven Kingdoms have come together to create the hashtag machine, a highly complex device that harnesses the power of the tag #BringDownJoffrey and uses it to bring about the end of Joffrey’s reign.

For every tweet using the tag, the machine pulls tighter on the statue. The maesters believe they will need one million tweets to bring down the statue, and with it, Joffrey’s reign on the kingdoms.

I’m so torn on this. On one hand, hashtag-based promotions are incredibly annoying and stupid, and if my Twitter feed filled up with people actually posting tweets with this hashtag, I would probably scream. A big part of me hopes they never reach one million tweets, if only because the idea of this all backfiring and a giant statue of a fictional dipsh*t standing forever in the middle of a New Zealand park has me cackling like a maniac.

On the other hand, I … I really want to see that statue come down. For obvious reasons. Maybe some Kiwi hero will throw a chain around it and drag it to Earth with his or her truck. That would be nice.