HBO Made These Outstanding HBO GO Commercials To Remind You Why You Shouldn’t Watch HBO With Your Family

When I graduated college I moved back in with my parents for about six months, and one of the things I remember most vividly from that time period — which was right smack in the Sex and the City heyday — was how much my parents watched Sex and the City. I swear, it seemed like every time I’d go in the family room to ask them something, all of a sudden there were Kim Cattrall’s boobs on display or the redheaded one would be getting full on railed and OH GOD, ICK ICK ICK, TURN IT OFF.

Let’s face it: HBO programming is not intended and was never intended to be watched with your family, so HBO GO has put together these brilliant commercials as a friendly reminder that you can watch Girls, True Blood, Game of Thrones and True Detective on your laptop or mobile apps. It’s a public service they’re providing, really, when you think about it.