HBO Now May Highlights (Including ‘Dunkirk’ And ‘Fahrenheit 451’)

04.23.18 1 year ago


Blockbuster season is rolling into the box office, but sometimes you don’t really want to leave your house to be entertained. HBO Now has you covered when your couch potato impulses win out, with a whole host of new content rolling onto the streaming platform in May. HBO is here for you in the original content department, wrapping up comedies Barry and Silicon Valley, as well as the premiere of original films Fahrenheit 451 and The Tale. If sports are more your thing, the documentary Becoming Serena is not to be missed.

Fahrenheit 451

Black Panther‘s Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon are bringing the fire of Ray Bradbury’s classic novel Fahrenheit 451 to HBO, depicting a world where media is an opiate, history is reimagined, and books are burned. It will be interesting to see the pre-internet story updated for a more modern age, in a world where content is even more accessible and manipulated.


If you somehow missed the Oscar-nominated epic, add Dunkirk to your queue immediately. Director Christopher Nolan perfectly captures the horror and claustrophobia of war, focusing on the human stories occurring during one of the most infamous battles from WWII. You may find yourself holding your breath until the final moments, but Dunkirk is worth the stress.

The Tale

As great as she is in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, female-driven character drama is where Laura Dern truly shines. She commands the screen in The Tale, a devastating and arresting tale about a woman who is forced to reckon with the trauma she endured as a teen and how it has affected her into adulthood.

Here are all the titles coming and going on HBO NOW in May:

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