HBO Really Wants You To Watch ‘The Leftovers’ Series Finale

HBO wasn’t lying when it said “it’s not TV.”

Two weeks after airing through more traditional means, the mysterious and stunning series finale for The Leftovers is now available on YouTube. That means you can either watch the episode again, or make your way through the entire series before next Tuesday, when it’s removed.

HBO didn’t give a reason for the arrangement (the network’s shows usually end up online in different ways), but it didn’t have to: The Leftovers is an incredible series, and putting it on YouTube, even if it’s only the finale, increases the likelihood of someone saying, “Yes, I would like to watch a show where the Ninth Doctor mingles with a lion-worshipping sex cult and God, and Justin Theroux scans his penis, and Carrie Coon, in the best performance of the year so far, jumps on a trampoline to a Wu-Tang Clan song.”

I really miss The Leftovers, although not as much as Coon, who told Deadline, “It felt very ritualistic all season, the way we were saying goodbye, and moving forward to the next thing. It felt like a funereal ritual that I was going through the whole time.” Sadly, Coon (and everyone else) might be saying goodbye to her other prestige drama, Fargo, this week, too.

(Via Deadline)