This New ‘Westworld’ Trailer Is Fifty Gallons Of Creepy In A Ten Gallon Hat

Entertainment Editor
09.14.16 2 Comments

(Video is likely NSFW.)

Remember when extras for HBO’s Westworld had to sign a consent agreement which stirred up some controversy? It required such interesting things as full nudity, engaging in “genital-to-genital touching,” simulating oral sex with “hand-to-genital touching,” being ridden or riding others like a horse (while nude), and — perhaps the most specific of consent agreements — contorting “to form a table-like shape while being fully nude.”

The newest trailer (above) shows a brief second or two of that orgy scene, which is why we labelled it NSFW. The rest of the trailer is fifty gallons of creepy in a ten gallon hat. In some ways, it’s even more disturbing than the first and second trailers, although the same elements are there. It starts with Evan Rachel Wood’s character having a seemingly normal day in the wild west, but suddenly she’s naked in a dark room being interviewed about her dreams by Anthony Hopkins. She’s an android built for the twisted entertainment of Westworld theme park guests, yet she doesn’t seem to realize she’s not human. But Ed Harris is going to come along to free the androids soon enough, which involves a whole lot of shootings and scalpings, from the looks of it.

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