He-Man Is A Man. A Man-y Man Man.

10.29.10 8 Comments

Ladies and nerds, this video is awesome.  A YouTube user named “solidwhitedevil” (which is seven or eight different kinds of awesome in its own right) spliced together clips of “He-Man” and matched them up to the song “Now You’re a Man” so it looks like he’s singing it. For those of you unaware, the song is from the movie Orgazmo, made by “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and performed by their band DVDA.  And honestly, if you were unaware, then shame on you.  Consider it your weekend homework assignment.  (*readers groan*)  Hey, I’m trying to do you a favor here!  (*is besieged with calls from irate parents over heavy workload*)  Guh, fine.

As someone who spends waaaayyy more time than he should editing together videos for various Uproxx sites of corgis swimming, or cut into the “Baywatch” credits, or of ODB discussing his love of women in disturbingly NSFW fashion, I respect the hell out of this clip.  Sifting through episodes of “He-Man” just to find clips that match up lyrically, and timing the beats of the action to the music, all for a video given away freely on the Internet — that’s some good time-wastin’ hustle.  Really puts the “solid” in solidwhitedevil.

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