Heather Locklear Explains Her Glorious Aerobics Video From 1990 To Conan

06.25.13 5 years ago 2 Comments

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Conan O’Brien deserves a Pulitzer. Do late night show hosts get Pulitzers? If so, yeah, give him one for digging deep into Heather Locklear’s past as the harbinger of puberty with her 1990 aerobics video.

Here Locklear reveals that she doesn’t know aerobics and was getting instructions as she was performing them. So we must commend the producer who kept telling her “arch your back and stick your butt out and repeat.” You are an American Hero.

Kudos to Andy Richter for pointing out that Locklear was the first ever slow-mo twerker. Take that, Miley.

And here’s the full video because we love you.

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