Helen Mirren’s Stirring Poetry Reading Has Stephen Colbert Feeling Emotional

Nothing says late Friday night fun and excitement quite like nudging Stephen Colbert to cry. Not in a mean or Hobbit-harming way, of course. Rather, in a sweet and sophisticated way that might have you a little misty-eyed in the process.

Last night’s edition of the Late Show featured acclaimed actress (and Fast & Furious franchise addition more than worthy of her own spin-off) Helen Mirren on the program to discuss a variety of things including Caligula anecdotes, Patrick Stewart’s studly body and the things that make them cry.

The discussion of what tearjerking things make the waterworks flow extended to a segment where Helen Mirren used her Oscar-minted skills to read a poem that always stirs up emotions in Colbert: Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s “Ulysses.” As you can see from the clip, Mirren’s reading did a bit of a number on the CBS chat show host.

“You got me,” confirmed Colbert who was visibly moved by the reading.

“Made me cry, too,” admitted Mirren in response.

It’s a lovely segment and something that feels like nothing else in the late night arena at the moment. Who knows? Maybe all guests in the future will be asked to read seminal works of poetry. The ball’s in your court now, Chewbacca Mom!