The Helicopter Mystery On ‘The Walking Dead’ Won’t Be Resolved This Season


While The Walking Dead continues barrelling toward a resolution to the All-Out War, which will be wrapped up in next Sunday’s season finale, the series is also seeding a mystery that likely will not find much in the way of resolution until season 9 of the series … or beyond.

To recap: In the fifth episode of the season, we see a helicopter flying over Rick as he headed toward the Scavengers home (it’s odd, too, that the helicopter didn’t register much surprise to Rick, despite it appearing several years into the zombie apocalypse). In last week’s episode, we saw the helicopter again, in what appeared to be an arranged pick-up for Jadis. Jadis had packed a bag; she knew exactly when the helicopter would arrive; and when she didn’t shoot the flare in time for the helicopter’s pilot to see her, Jadis yelled, “I’m here! I’m here!”

All we can glean from that is that Jadis knew the helicopter was coming and likely had communicated with the pilot, or at least the people for whom the pilot works. So, will we find out more about that helicopter before the end of the season?

“Unfortunately, no. You’ll have to wait until a later season,” writes Johnny O’Dell, an insider at Skybound — the production company behind The Walking Deadin his weekly mailbag.

That answer in and of itself doesn’t give us much to go on, but it’s not unreasonable to conclude that the helicopter mystery is likely tied to the mystery of another season 8 mystery, Georgie.


Georgie first appeared back in episode 12 of this season bringing with her to The Hilltop “knowledge” in the form of blueprints for windmills, silos, hand-drawn schematics, guides to refining grain, creating lumber, and aqueducts. Georgie was also very familiar with the folks at The Hilltop, having scouted them for some time before ultimately confronting them. It’s not out of the question to believe that Georgie was also scouting The Scavengers. One way to scout both communities might have been through the use of the helicopter, and if that helicopter had been a more regular presence, it might have explained why its presence didn’t register much surprise to Rick.

At any rate, it’s quite possible that Georgie and the helicopter are related, and that both are related to The Commonwealth, a civilization of 50,000 people involved in a future storyline in The Walking Dead comics. What might a community of 50,000 people have? A helicopter, for one, and “knowledge” in the form of blueprints for windmills, silos, etc. for another. Moreover, we will see Georgie again on the series, as confirmed by Jayne Alexander (who plays Georgie) on The Talking Dead.

Interestingly, Alexander also bears some resemblance to the leader of The Commonwealth in the comics.

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The question, however, is whether she will appear again next season, or whether The Walking Dead will first take up The Whisperers War. There is mounting evidence, however, suggesting that the series may skip past The Whisperers War and go straight into The Commonwealth next season.

via Skybound