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This is Gary Busey’s appearance on [adult swim]’s “Tom Goes to the Mayor.”  As you can see, it’s excellent.  But even better, Tim and Eric — the comedians who make the show — secretly recorded another video of Busey while he did the script reading, and they’re showing it to audiences as they tour the country:

In the video, Busey… totally lives up to his crazy-man reputation, trashing his would-be collaborators as they try to get him to read the script. At one point, seeming to forget that Tim is part of the team, Busey yells at Eric to throw him out of the room.

The comedy duo, made up of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, are asking their appreciative audiences not to record the video, lest Busey or his people take legal action. They say the clip represents but 10 minutes out of six nightmare hours spend with the eccentric actor.

Dude, six hours with Gary Busey.  Tim and Eric deserve a medal.  That’s like spending all day in the bear pit at the zoo.  If bears did drugs and swore.  And were poisonous.

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