Better Call Saul: Vince Gilligan Is Interested In A Saul Goodman 'Breaking Bad' Spin-Off

According to Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan, he’s interested in developing Bob Odenkirk’s Saul Goodman character further, potentially in his own spin-off show.

Reports Entertainment Weekly:

Series creator/executive producer Vince Gilligan says he has interest in a spin-off featuring one of the show’s popular characters: Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), that crafty, oily, wise-cracking lawyer who counsels meth lord Walter White (Bryan Cranston). “I would love to see a Saul Goodman spin-off show when it’s all said and done,” Gilligan tells EW. “I think that would present itself pretty nicely, storywise. While Breaking Bad is by design a show that is finite and limited in its scope — it’s a story of transformation that cannot go on forever — I think a Saul Goodman show could have great legs. I love the idea of a lawyer who will do anything to avoid going to court. He’s always going to settle on the courthouse steps.”

The show, Gilligan warns, is still in the idea phase. Moreover, the possibility of a show doesn’t mean that the Bob Oedenkirk’s character won’t die by season’s end.

“No viewer should breathe a sigh of relief that Saul won’t expire by the end of Breaking Bad,” he says. “Everything is on the table … Who knows where Breaking Bad will take us?” (Asked about the possibility of a Saul-centric series, Odenkirk seconds: “Saul has got to survive this show first.” He adds with a quip: “And if he doesn’t, then maybe it can be done as a prequel.”)

As for that Breaking Bad movie that Bryan Cranston mentioned as a possibility, Gillignan wasn’t as optimistic.

“First of all, I have to say, God bless him for his enthusiasm,” says Gilligan. “But I don’t know how to do that at this point. I learned a long time ago to never say never, but I am working really hard to wrap up this story in these final 16 episodes.”

I’m intrigued by the idea that Breaking Bad could end in one massive Mexican stand-off in which Goodman is the only survivor. Maybe he enters Witness Protection and starts a new practice in another city. For now, I’m sure it’s all gristle for the marketing mill, but the possibility that Vince Gilligan could continue in the Breaking Bad universe in some form is definitely heartening.