Henry Cavill Reveals Superman’s Naked Cardio Routine

While Henry Cavill was on The Tonight Show to promote The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Jimmy Fallon asked him how he stays in shape for his role as Superman.

… He said sex and cheeseburgers.

That’s exactly my fitness regimen, by the way, except I don’t have a six pack, unless you count actual beer in my fridge, in which case I still just have like two tallboys and a half-finished bottle of Skinny Margarita. I guess you could say the results may vary with the “burgers n’ f*cking” workout routine.

Also interesting, and probably just as sweaty — he confirmed that he will start pre-production on Justice League Part One in January.

I’m, uh, available to deliver cheeseburgers.*

*Actually, I’m married.**

**I’m totally available to deliver cheeseburgers.