Henry Cavill Reveals Superman’s Naked Cardio Routine

08.14.15 4 years ago

While Henry Cavill was on The Tonight Show to promote The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Jimmy Fallon asked him how he stays in shape for his role as Superman.

… He said sex and cheeseburgers.

That’s exactly my fitness regimen, by the way, except I don’t have a six pack, unless you count actual beer in my fridge, in which case I still just have like two tallboys and a half-finished bottle of Skinny Margarita. I guess you could say the results may vary with the “burgers n’ f*cking” workout routine.

Also interesting, and probably just as sweaty — he confirmed that he will start pre-production on Justice League Part One in January.

I’m, uh, available to deliver cheeseburgers.*

*Actually, I’m married.**

**I’m totally available to deliver cheeseburgers.

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