Henry Cavill Flexes His Superman Muscles By Getting Into A Fight With Jimmy Kimmel

03.18.16 2 years ago

Henry Cavill showed up to Jimmy Kimmel Live in complete British gentleman mode. He carried two pints of Guinness, spoke in his natural accent, and flashed his British teeth. If he doesn’t speak, though, he does look a lot like Superman. And it comes into play during the end of his interview with Kimmel when he gets to stage a fake fight with the host, showing his super punch off.

Of course, Guillermo comes in to help and kicks Cavill in the balls to bring and end to the “fight.” It’s not a very super way to end it all, but Kimmel’s cracked screen does look cool and gets followed up by Cavill making wanking motions.

Is this better than having Batman and Superman reading mean tweets about themselves? Likely no, especially when you toss in all the angry tweets about Aquaman and Wonder Woman being too skinny. Actually wish we could’ve gotten that now, but I guess this will do. The screen did crack after all and that’s pretty cool, right?

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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