Henry Rollins on Nat Geo: Anger, Violence, and the ‘Warrior Gene’

12.02.10 7 years ago 18 Comments

Henry Rollins is one of my favorite people on Earth. Whether he’s playing a Nazi gang rapist on “Sons of Anarchy” or confronting hipsters on German TV, the man just pisses intensity. And later this month he’ll be studying that anger on National Geographic:

National Geographic Channel’s Explorer: Born to Rage? investigates the discovery behind a single “warrior gene” directly associated with violent behavior.  With bullying and violent crime making headlines, this controversial finding stirs up the nature-versus-nurture debate.  Now, Henry Rollins goes in search of carriers from diverse, sometimes violent backgrounds who agree to be tested for the genetic mutation.  Who has the warrior gene?  And are all violent people carriers? The results turn assumptions upside down. [Nat Geo]

You know what needs turning upside down? Some furniture that gets in Henry Rollins’s way. I would pay good money to sit safely behind plexiglass while he destroyed an IKEA showroom.

Anyway, you can watch a preview below. It opens with Rollins punching a fan while onstage, and then somehow gets even better.

“During shows, I have been burned with cigars and cigarettes, butane lighters. Keys have been stabbed into me. I’ve been hit with ashtrays, fists, feet, whatever.”


P.S. You really need to see the original banner image full-size. Hello, new desktop wallpaper!

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