Henry Rollins Vs. Hipsters

11.05.10 7 years ago 77 Comments

Henry Rollins is not the sort of person to be trifled with. Not only did the guy front Black Flag, he played a white surpemacist/gang rapist on “Sons of Anarchy” WAY too believably for me to go spouting off if I ever saw him in person.

But that’s what a couple of New York City hipsters did when Rollins and Iranian artist Shirin Neshat went into an East Village establishment for a German TV show called “Into the Night with…” In the video below, a hipster girl starts loudly talking about Rollins and laughing at about the 0:40 mark. He brushes it off and keeps talking to Neshat, but when the girl yells “Get in the van!” — the title of one of Rollins’s books — that’s when he snaps. Look at the banner image. That’s Henry Rollins’s face when he decides he’s sick of your stupid mouth.

I hope I never see that face in person, because it means I failed to avert my eyes and mind my own business, and that I’m about to get my ass kicked by heavily muscled and tattooed 49-year-old punk rocker in a USO fleece. Goddam that dude is badass. He now ranks ahead of Charlie Murphy on my People I Want as My Dad list.


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