Here Are Some Hilarious ‘SNL’ Premiere Promos Featuring Chris Pratt, Ariana Grande, And A Lot Of Pickles

You’ll hear this enough once you watch the video, but SNL returns this week with host Chris Pratt and musical guest Ariana Grande. One of those things is probably exciting for you, so feel free to show some delight.

With the return of SNL comes the return of the revolving SNL promos that precede each episode and usually feature a bit of humor to whet the appetites of viewers across the country. Usually they’re about as funny as a puppy mill, but as my colleague Burnsy noted, this batch is actually fairly hilarious.

Kate McKinnon shines with Chris Pratt and they provide a glimmer of hope that this 40th season might be a return to glory. It’s been a few years, so it’s about time that the show comes back around to provide some quality laughs. Also there’s no Ariana Grande to be seen in these promos and that’s a plus. She’s probably off murdering a bunch of fans and playing in their blood. Good thing too because McKinnon is not sharing those pickles.

(Via SNL)