Here Are The 8 Dumbest Things Donald Trump Has Tweeted In The Last Year

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05.13.15 7 Comments
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Donald Trump posts a lot of idiotic blatherings on Twitter, so much so that covering it is pointless unless he gets absolutely served, as he did when he was dumb enough to get into a Twitter fight with a Modern Family writer. More often than not, however, we take Trump’s stupidity for granted and just roll our eyes at him.

However, with Trump maybe making another bid for President of the United States (ha!), and in light of his crass tweets in the wake of the Amtrak derailment yesterday, I thought it’d be a good time to collect his dumbest tweets from the last year so that we can take them all in at once, and scratch our heads again at the fact that he’s not only an obscenely wealthy man, but that NBC continues to put him on their network year after year.

Here are the eight dumbest things Trump has said in the last 12 months:

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