Rob Lowe Flew Around With A Jet Pack, And Now There Is Video

A few days ago Rob Lowe tweeted out the above picture, and it set my whole world on fire. I was filled to the brim with questions. Where does one get a jet pack? Why does Rob Lowe have a jet pack? Has anyone in the history of the world ever looked happier than Rob Lowe does in that picture? Is this from the set of Parks & Rec? Does Nick Offerman have a jet pack? DOES THE HORSE WHO PLAYS LIL SEBASTIAN (OR HIS IMPERSONATOR) HAVE A JET PACK? Is Rob Lowe playing a spy in a new movie? Is Rob Lowe, like, an actual spy? Did he just blow his own cover with that tweet? Remember the time a guy tried to use one of these on the news and he failed miserably and took himself face first into Davy Jones’ Locker? Why don’t I have a jet pack?

Well, now we have the answers to some of those questions.

It turns out Rob Lowe is the West Coast “curator and celebrity spokesman” for, who set the jet pack excursion up as part of a video shoot with ESPN to promote their service (“a daily lifestyle email that provides recommendations for male-oriented adventures,” whatever exactly that means). Waitwaitwait, did I just say “as part of a video shoot”? Does that mean there is video at that link of Rob Lowe flying around in a jet pack with that bajillion-dollar smile on his face?

It does. You are very welcome.