Here Is Every Movie Reference From The First Five Seasons Of 'The Simpsons' In One Video

07.29.13 6 years ago 12 Comments


One of my favorite Tumblrs in the whole world is Movie Simpsons, which lines up GIFs from movie references on The Simpsons with GIFs of the film scenes they’re paying tribute to. The only problem is that the site hasn’t updated since late April, and even before then it only posted like once a month. Not gonna work. Need more. Faster. Now.

And thanks to the people at Next Movie, I got my wish. Below, please find a 20-minute video that contains every film reference from the show’s first five seasons. I know 20 minutes is an absurdly long video to watch online, and your boss may not be cool with you carving out almost a half-hour of your workday for an in-depth examination of cinematic references in 20-year old episodes of a popular cartoon, so here’s my advice: Bookmark this now, and circle back a little later when you have the time to soak it all in. It’s really worth it.

(via Slashfilm)

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