Here It Is: Eva Green In The Weirdest TV Sex Scene Of 2014

If there was a Pulitzer Prize for Eva Green’s Awesome Boobs coverage, we would win it every year. Vince has been diligently reporting on her Sin City: A Dame to Kill For poster, and its censorship of her “curve of under breast and dark nipple/areola circle,” and I’m here to tell you about last Sunday’s Penny Dreadful, which featured a naked Eva Green having weird demon sex. That sounds great, and it was! But it was also really f*cking weird. I’ll let Dustin set the scene:

Vanessa (Eva Green) and Mina were very close childhood friends, but Vanessa ruined that relationship when she f*cked Mina’s fiance the night before they were to be married. Haunted by the guilt of that, Ives went mad and eventually found herself seeking out the “darkness,” which brought her back to Mina’s dad, Sir Malcolm (Timothy Dalton), who’s some kind of demon. (Via)

Got it? Me neither. But all you need to know is this:

Why, yes, that is Eva Green getting boned by an invisible demon, the mere sight of which causes her mother to literally drop dead (see NSFW GIFs here). Penny Dreadful is the best/worst.

Via Pajiba