Here They Are, The Best News Bloopers Of May 2014

05.29.14 3 Comments


Of all the emails we receive in the UPROXX Tips box, my favorite, without fail, is the one from Comedy Wizard announcing the release of that month’s Best News Bloopers supercut. My heart skips a little every time I see it come in. Even though we hit most of the big ones with individual posts as they happen, it’s still nice to have them all rounded up in one place. Simple. Efficient. Et cetera.

Point being: The collection for May 2014 came out today, and it brings back all of our favorites: Wildfire Casanova, Giant Bike Dude, F*ck Truck Lady, Two Guys Trying To Flip A Table At The Same Time Which Results In Them Just Kind Of Holding It And Getting Angrier, all of them. There’s even a few we missed. Definitely worth a watch.

The only downside is that this edition included that stupid “F*ck her right in the pussy” guy, whose videos are all stupid and fake. Fake fake fake. I’m gonna let it slide because these compilations have brought so much joy into my life over the past year or so, but consider this an official warning.

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