18 Things About Your Favorite Live-Action Nickelodeon Shows You May Not Know Or Remember

We recently covered the Hey Dude cast and crew reunion. That show was a large part of a Nickelodeon era that molded my personality. There were SO many great shows that many of us remember watching, but then they ended, and we’re left occasionally wondering what happened to the stars, how they got there, how was the show made, why did it end, etc.? All of that!

Let’s briefly dig in to a handful of live-action Nickelodeon shows.


Kids didn’t understand special effects. A lot of kid fans thought the show was real. They’d ask Larisa Oleynik to morph in front of them when she was confronted by fans. To appease the kids she would tell them that she couldn’t “morph” because there were too many people around. The kids, being huge fans of the show, completely understood. (Via)

Jessica Alba made her acting debut on the show. Aww yeah, Jessica Alba…was a little kid, so chill out, weirdos.


Remember the theme song? The theme song that everyone tried to figure out what the f*ck they’re saying?

The real lyrics are, “Hey smiling strange, you’re looking happily deranged (Can you settle to shoot me,) and have you picked your target yet Hey Sandy…ai yai yai yai… Don’t Ya’ Talk Back, Hey Sandy Four feet Away, end of speech its the end of the day We was only funning, but guiltily I thought… You had it comin’, Hey Sandy, Don’t Ya Talk Back, Hey Sandy.” (Via)