Here’s 210 Seconds Of ‘Ohs’ And ‘Hos’ From ‘The Sopranos’ To Celebrate Its 15th Anniversary

01.10.14 12 Comments

The Sopranos debuted on HBO on January 10, 1999, fifteen years ago today. Since then, millions of words — not hyperbole, for the record — have been written about it. It’s as responsible as anything for the abundance of good television at our fingertips today, as Brett Martin lays out in his book, Difficult Men, more eloquently and in more detail than I ever could. It feels like we should do something to celebrate. Joel already gave you tons of cool facts and background information yesterday, so instead of another tribute along those lines, I’ll give you this: an NSFW 3:30 supercut of the show’s greatest “Ohs,” “Hos,” and “Whoas.”

I’m not gonna lie, this took me back. There was something like a three-month period in the mid-2000s where my friends and I binge-watched seasons and seasons of The Sopranos, and we Could. Not. Stop. talking like this. At one point some of us consciously tried. It was impossible. Everything was all “Hey, wanna go to Wendy’s?” “OHHHHHH, spicy chicken sandwiches!” or whatever for weeks at a time. Not one Italian in the lot, either. It must have been awful to be around us.

Good show, though. Shoutout to the girls from Icelandic Air.

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