Here’s A Collection Of Athlete Cameos We Never Expected To See On TV Comedies

12.13.14 5 years ago 20 Comments
Athletes have always had their eggs in many a basket, from clothing lines, to full-on music careers(I’m looking at you Shaq.) And while appearing in movies and TV shows is nothing new for them, it’s still exciting when Muggsy Bogues pops up in an episode of Curb your Enthusiasm or Derek Jeter shows up in an episode of Seinfeld. So, here I’ve gathered a list of athlete cameos in TV comedies that we never could have expected.

Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams on Seinfeld

While George gives Jeter and Williams a lesson in how to hit a baseball, he might have found it useful to give them an acting lesson, too. While they are both quite stiff actors, they make for easy targets for George’s bashing– especially when he makes fun of then for taking six games to win the World Series.

Shaq on Curb Your Enthusiasm

I don’t think Larry David has ever been as apologetic as he was when he tripped Shaq while he had court-side seats at a Los Angeles Lakers game. But lucky for him the 7’1″ monster that is Shaq, is a huge fan of Seinfeld, and doesn’t really mind. Spike Lee better hope that Carmelo Anthony is a fan of Do the Right Thing, should the same thing happen to him at Knicks game.

Joe Namath on The Simpsons

Yes, Joe Namath can be a bit of a drunk lunatic sometimes, but at one point he was a man who could provide some sound football advice to even the likes of Bart Simpson.

LeBron James on Entourage

Look, I’m going to be honest, LeBron made this list because I’m from Cleveland.

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