Here’s A ‘Community’ Trailer To Remind You That IT. IS. BACK.

I don’t know if you all realize this, but today is February 4. Which means Thursday is February 7. Which means after almost nine full months, and a wheelbarrow full of turmoil, Community finally returns to the airwaves. Get jacked up, people. This is not a drill.

And as if that news wasn’t enough to make your week, now we also have a big fancy feature film-style trailer for the season premiere to point our eyeballs at, too. Does it tell us a lot about the upcoming season? Well, no, except for the fact that Magnitude appears to be going through some serious sh-t. But it features Jeff, Britta, Annie, Abed, Troy, Shirley, Pierce and the whole Greendale crew up to their usual Greendale-related hijinks (or escapades, if you prefer), and that is some damn good news after close to a year of Animal Practices and 1600 Penns and what not. The only downside to the whole thing is that the episode doesn’t start for something like 80 hours, and I might get so excited about it that I start vibrating at such a high speed that I knock the Earth off its orbit and we all go barreling into the sun sometime around lunch on Wednesday.

Welcome back, you maniacs.

(Via Splitsider)