Here’s A Helpful Guide To How Much It Costs To Advertise During Every Primetime TV Show

10.14.13 6 years ago 6 Comments

To heartless, horny advertisers, the best new TV show of the fall 2013 season is The Blacklist, NBC’s fantasy-drama about Robert California working with the FBI. The worst, not including anything on The CW because, c’mon: Welcome to the Family and Dracula, both of which will likely soon be cancelled by NBC, even though one hasn’t even aired yet. The Blacklist commands $198,667 per 30-second commercial, while Welcome to the Family and Dracula are holding out their sad orphan hands, politely asking for $62,370 and $57,357.

Those figures come courtesy of Adweek, which tabulated the ad rates for every primetime show on the Big Four (and the CW). It’s a fascinating insight into the “value” of certain shows compared to others — for instance, despite Family Guy and American Dad! both falling under the Seth MacFarlane banner, the former costs $223,145 and the latter $158,725. The priciest non-football series overall is, of course, The Big Bang Theory with $326,260, or nearly four times as much as Thursday night 8 p.m. timeslot frenemy, Parks and Recreation ($82,000).

Meanwhile, any company that paid $99,250 for We Are Men basically pooped their money away. Probably Taco Bell.

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(Via Adweek)

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