Here’s A Subway-Destroying Three-Minute Clip From ‘Sharknado 2: The Second One’

06.30.14 6 Comments

Three quick thoughts about this three-minute clip from Sharknado 2: The Second One.

1) “Sharks! Tornadoes! New York! You’re welcome!” That’s how Tara Reid — as herself, not in character, although I suppose we can’t rule out her character saying that dialogue either, possibly to the mayor, hopefully played by, like, the lead singer of Papa Roach or something — introduces this clip. If you watch no other part of the 184 seconds of subway-based shark destruction, either because you’re short on time or just generally not jazzed about an opportunistic sequel of a basic cable movie about tornadoes carrying sharks teeth-first into large metropolitan areas, please, watch that introduction. Her delivery is fascinating.

2) The clip itself features a lengthy discussion between Fin (Ian Ziering’s character) and former Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath about McGrath dating/marrying Fin’s sister, something Fin is none too pleased about. This is a very reasonable reaction, especially if Mark McGrath is playing himself in this movie, which is something I just considered a second ago and now want to happen with burning fire of 1000 suns. Also, the conversation is happening on a crowded subway while a shark-filled flood is chasing after their train. Sharknado gonna Sharknado.

3) The undisputed MVP of this clip? The giant-ass baseball bat Judah Friedlander has. Gotta get me one of those. You know, just in case.



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