Here’s Amy Sedaris Attempting To Teach Jimmy Fallon How To Save A Life With CPR

I always like it when Amy Sedaris stops by a late night show. She’s always into a lot of different things, be it cooking or the new Netflix series BoJack Horseman, but she’s always funny about it all. Not to mention that she’s a little crazy and that’s a weakness of mine.

Having taken CPR classes a few times in my life, I can say that I don’t remember them being this loud and zany. I also don’t remember sticking random chicken bits down the CPR doll’s throat, but it has also been a while. Rules change and I’m behind on my certifications.

And while I doubt Jimmy Fallon will be saving anyone’s life at any point in the near future (and if you read the YouTube comments, CPR doesn’t work anyway), this video does serve of a reminder of the greatness that was Strangers With Candy. So it gets a thumbs up from me.

(Via The Tonight Show)