Here’s Conan’s ‘Clueless Gamer’ Taking On ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’

Another year, another Call of Duty release. This time around, we’re in the funky future and Kevin Spacey is involved. If you’re reading this, you clearly don’t have the game yet and you’re dying to see whatever you can before you go stand in line at midnight (or better yet, play your pre-downloaded copy).

Fear not, Conan is here to play the game for you and satisfy your desires for waypoints, increasingly unbelievable battle scenarios, and Kevin Spacey’s dead carp eyes. It sure looks beautiful otherwise. I’d probably play it if I had a proper system to play it on, but I’m behind the times and not ready to get my ass handed to me online on day one. I’m also still trying to unlock every secret in the older Call of Duty games. Did you guys know that Captain Price is still alive!? F*cking nuts.

(Via Team Coco)