Here’s Daario Naharis From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Rapping Like A Boss

Game of Thrones viewers were introduced to one of two characters this last weekend, a man named Daario Naharis, the captain of a mercenary company, Stormcrows. While I understand that in the book, Daario was a guy with a big blue bushy beard in three prongs, on HBO he looks kind of like a young bodice-ripping Fabio, which makes him more palatable for HBO viewers during the invariable sex scenes. The guy who plays Daario is an actor named Ed Skrein, who you probably have never heard of. Let me tell you a little about Skein: 1) he used to be in a gang, until he was stabbed at age 17, after which he left the criminal life. But more importantly, he’s also a rapper. Is he good? That’s another question. I’ll let you decide after you watch his music video below.

(Hat Tip: Joanna and TK at Pajiba)