Here’s Why Disdainful Joel McHale Should Host Every Award Show

OK, host with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Anyway, last night was Spike’s VGX Awards. Don’t feel ashamed if you’ve never heard of the VGX Awards, though, or if you didn’t spend your Saturday watching the livestream of a three-hour award show filmed in a loft. You didn’t miss anything, other than a complete and total disaster.

McHale played the part of “dickish James Franco at the Oscars,” appearing bored by the material he was given and amusingly trolling everyone from the cameramen to the developers. It’s unclear whether everyone was in on the joke (unlikely) or McHale really did regret his decision to host (more likely). Tons of people on Twitter are pissed, but to those critics I say: IT’S AN AWARD SHOW ON YOUTUBE WHERE THEY TALKED ABOUT A CRANKY KONG GAME. McHale wasn’t attacking video game culture so much as torpedoing dumb, unnecessary award shows.