Here’s Everything We Know So Far About ‘The Mindy Project’ Season Three


I like The Mindy Project. While it doesn’t get as much of a draw as its Fox lead-in, New Girl, I finally started getting into it last season and it’s a solid little show, although not without its flaws. The season two finale of course saw Mindy and Danny finally getting together after a season-long will they, won’t they; they did, now they’re not — which I loved because I’m a total sap like that — so presumably the season three focus will be navigating the mismatched couple’s fledgling relationship.

EW’s Spoiler Room sort of confirmed this a couple of weeks ago:

How about Mindy and Danny? Getting comfortable with sex will be a hot topic between them, leading Mindy to rufie herself, which could land Danny on the wrong side of the law. Oh yeah, she also kisses a woman.

A sneak peek teaser that came out last week supports as much, so great job with that hot scoop, EW.

I call bullsh*t on that scene, because wasn’t Danny a giant manwhore? You can’t tell me he went through that whole spiel every time he banged some lady. But whatever, it’ll be interesting to see how they handle the two characters actually being in a relationship together, and if they can pull it off better than New Girl did. Certainly the comedic potential is there, as it was with New Girl, if only comedy writers could figure out how to approach two characters being together without the same terror and confusion as a sixteen-year-old boy’s first encounter with a bra strap. Oh well, fingers crossed.

Anyway, there’s already a bunch of guest stars nailed down for season three, so let’s see who we’ve got.

Shonda Rhimes — Shonda Rhimes will be making her acting debut playing herself this season. The context in which she’ll be appearing is being kept “under wraps,” but if I had to guess I’d say she appears out of nowhere to give Mindy relationship advice, since she’s probably one of the character’s idols.

Niecy Nash — Everyone’s favorite sassy cop from Reno 911 is going to have a recurring role as a rival to Mindy Kaling’s character. TV Line reports:

Nash’s recurring character, Dr. Jean Fishman, is a tough Bostonian physician who is the new chief of Shulman & Associates’ admitting hospital. A take-no-prisoners type who puts up with no nonsense whatsoever, Dr. Fishman also happens to be a lesbian.

Well that certainly sounds promising. Kaling also confirmed the news via Twitter:

Allison Tolman — We already discussed this last week, but just in case you missed it, Molly Solverson will be playing a “sweet romance” novelist who goes on a date with Adam Pally’s character — which he of course screws up and then has to make amends.

Rob Mcelhenny — Between New Girl and The Mindy Project, Fox has got most of the cast of It’s Always Sunny locked down (except for Charlie Day, who doesn’t have time for TV shows besides his own). On the heels of the news that Kaitlin Olson is going to be playing Jess’s rival/stepmom on New Girl, we now know that Mcelhenny will be playing cousin to the dopey Morgan (Ike Barinholtz).

Rhea Perlman — This is definitely the news I’m most excited about, which is why I saved it for last. While Always Sunny’s Danny DeVito hasn’t appeared on any Fox comedies yet, his lady will be playing Danny’s mother — which is such perfect casting I can barely wrap my head around it. Even more perfect is this reminder, via TV Line: “Dan Hedaya, who played Perlman’s husband on Cheers, also appeared on Mindy Project as Danny’s dad.” On that note, it would be an actual crime if we didn’t get to see more of Dan Hedaya this season.

Season three of The Mindy Project returns September 16th on Fox.