Jay Leno Found Actual Footage Of Bryan Cranston As A Power Rangers Villain

The Internet’s collective interest got piqued last week when Bryan Cranston revealed to Colbert that he used to do voiceovers for Power Ranger villains. Leave it to Leno to find the actual clips.

If there’s one thing Leno is good for, it’s finding vintage clips of his guests and embarrassing them with it. Cranston should have seen this coming since he told Colbert he was a villain in Power Rangers, but he still seemed a bit surprised Leno actually found any clips.

As a Power Rangers fan growing up, it’s cool to see that Cranston was right there guiding my life all along. I always wondered why there was only one set of footprints on the sand, but now I know Bryan Cranston was carrying me the whole time…either that or I was floating in a haze of super meth.

Here are more clips from Cranston’s interview.