Here's A 'Golden Girls' LEGO Set For The Person Who Truly Has Everything

We’ve seen everything from Game of Thrones to Breaking Bad when it comes to custom LEGO sets, but I’m sure that most parents have thought, “Gee, baby dragon breast feeding and violent meth gang wars are a little too much for my young ones.” Well, if elderly living and the late 80s geriatric social scene of Miami is more your pre-teen’s speed, then have I found the custom LEGO set for you – The Golden Girls.

Thanks to the artistic geniuses at the “LEGO Ladies” Etsy shop, you can now order your very own Golden Girls LEGO set, so you can continue the adventures of Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia long after the hit NBC series stopped running. Fortunately, there’s no Stan Zbornak hanging around, giving Dorothy grief, so you can have Rose Nylund tell her stories of St. Olaf without any drama.

The only bad news here is that this is the only LEGO set that LEGO Ladies currently has for sale, but fingers crossed that they’ll take on Designing Women or 227 next. Jackee in LEGO form? Sign me up.