Here’s How Fox News Is Covering The Ferguson Protests, In Case You Were Wondering

08.14.14 4 years ago 120 Comments
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Fox News/YouTube

Earlier this morning I did something I rarely do in the mornings: I tuned in to Fox News, specifically to see how they were covering what was happening in Ferguson, Missouri, but most of the coverage I saw centered around, “Is Obama too weak to handle Putin?” But then at some point the network’s attention did turn to Ferguson and how it was presented to viewers — shown in the screengrab above — could not have been more predictably Fox News.

So there you have it, folks! The lede here isn’t the militarization of police in America, police brutality, or the use of excessive force — particularly against minorities — it’s all about how the people protesting all of the aforementioned are, in Fox’s view, not behaving as Martin Luther King would have wanted them to. Sure he is in Heaven having a sad right now. And I’m sure Hannity tonight will take it to the next level and be all about how the “new Black Panthers” are coming to kill all the white people.

Your move, Joe Scarborough!

(Via Stephon Johnson)

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