Here’s Pitbull And Jimmy Fallon Playing Giant Beer Pong In Front Of Moe’s Tavern

Pitbull has the World Cup anthem, Fallon likes to play beer bong, and this segment seemed like the perfect opportunity to pair the two things together. Thus giant duff beer pong was born.

Jealousy is what I feel after watching this clip. Not because Pitbull is here or this passes as a segment, but more because there was none of this stuff when I was at Universal. The Simpsons part of the theme park was just the cannibalized remnants of the Back to the Future ride and a gift shop version of the Kwik-E-Mart. Now they’ve got Moe’s Tavern among other things and it just sort of stings.

And then I have to watch Jimmy Fallon play beer pong with Pitbull. Well I don’t have to watch because I can always poke my eyes out, but then I’d miss all of God’s beauty. Also I could still hear it and that’s probably just as bad.

(Via The Tonight Show)