Here’s A Lovely Video Of Nick Offerman, Alison Brie & Megan Mullally Cussing And Smoking Weed Out Of Bongs

07.25.12 28 Comments

Technically speaking, this has very little to do with television. It is a promotional video for an independent movie titled Somebody Up There Likes Me that premiered at this year’s South by Southwest, and doesn’t open until March of next year. We here at Warming Glow are generally not in the business of posting this kind of material — even when it’s very cool — because it falls outside our stated purpose of being “a blog dedicated to the best and worst of television programming. Mostly the worst.”


Allow me to make you this promise: Any time we stumble across a video that features Alison Brie, Megan Mullally, and Ron F-cking Swanson sitting around, cussing, and smoking a ton of weed — like, a “they each have their own bong instead of passing one around” amount of weed — we will post it here regardless of the context. Yes, yes we will. And it will be the easiest decision we make all day.


via Pajiba

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