Supercut: Two Full Minutes Of ‘Big Lebowski’ References From The ‘Veronica Mars’ TV Series

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Not that this video needs much of an introduction or explanation beyond what’s in the headline (typically, “because” is enough of a reason to throw around a bunch of references to The Big Lebowski), but here goes anyway.

Last week, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas gave an interview to Vulture in which he outlined all of the major cultural inspirations that shaped his worldview as a writer and producer. One of those inspirations was The Big Lebowski, about which he said the following:

Hardcore Veronica Mars fans might know that we were trying to sneak all of The Big Lebowski into Veronica Mars. Our favorites lines all eventually made their way in. I remember in the graduation, the principal says, à la Maude Lebowski, “and proud we are of all of them.” We were just going line by line. Like, blank “is the preferred nomenclature.”

Which brings us to earlier today, when Slate posted that supercut up there of a bunch of the references in question. Yup, the story checks out.

[insert Big Lebowski quote or reference here]

Source: Slate