Here’s The Cast Of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ On Dream Episodes, Love Interests, And Merchandising At Comic-Con

The cast of Bob’s Burgers including H. Jon Benjamin, Kristen Schaal, John Roberts (Linda), Dan Mintz (Tina) — Eugene Mirman was sadly absent — got together for a panel at Comic Con to answer fan questions, and while there weren’t any big reveals, it was still entertaining as hell. In the first clip, the cast discusses what Bob’s Burgers merch they’d like to see, and if you were wondering, Tina is not a “voice” of Dan Mintz. That is just Dan Mintz’s regular voice. He is every bit as awkward and socially weird as Tina and it is AMAZING.

FYI I would totally buy Linda Belcher wine, just in case anyone is listening out there, Fox merchandising department. In the second clip someone Kristen Schaal if Louise is going to have any love interests this season (WTF weird Comic Con fan, Louise is like nine), and while there wasn’t much going on there, Kristen Schaal admits that Louise is going to be a “firecracker in the sack” someday. I mean, obviously.

In the third clip, someone asks what the cast would like to see for their characters. Presented without commentary, H. Jon Benjamin: “I just want Bob to leave the family, and go … And just start a new life … That’s much better. And it might not be a great episode, but I definitely think a great season arc. Like, the whole season.”

The fifth season of Bob’s Burgers premieres on Sunday, October 5th at 7:30 p.m.