Here’s The Evolution Of Dad Dancing With Jimmy Fallon And Gov. Chris Christie

06.13.14 4 years ago 19 Comments

Nothing like political figures making goofy appearances on television programs. Michelle Obama has done it plenty this past season, mostly to plug her dieting plans, but it worked. Here we have New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie doing some high-waisted dad dancing alongside Jimmy Fallon.

I’ll give Christie credit, he doesn’t look completely stiff. I mean he has slow jammed the news before and he’s fairly level headed when bridges aren’t involved. I still think it’s lame when politicians try to act like real people, but that’s just me.

You probably wouldn’t see Mitch McConnell or Lindsay Graham dancing on national television. Well maybe Graham, but who would want to see it. I’m still getting over Tom Delay smiling like a jackal on Dancing With The Stars.

(Via The Tonight Show)

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