Here’s The Final ‘Breaking Bad’ Poster

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Imagine you’ve never seen Breaking Bad. You’ve never even heard of it, so you have no clue what the show’s about. All you have to go off are the posters that AMC — “didn’t they used to show Fried Green Tomatoes all the time? I love that movie” — releases before every season. What would you assume the show is about? Let’s see: there’s a man in his underwear. Didn’t he used to play the dentist on Seinfeld? Y’know, the Jew. Funny show, that Seinfeld. Anyway, so, yes, he’s in his tighty-whities underwear in the desert and there’s an RV behind him and a gas mask on the floor. Hope he picks that up. In the next poster, though, he has a friend. Aw, that’s nice. They’re sitting in lawn chairs, enjoying some rock candy and…those are weird outfits to play baseball in. But hey, to each their own.

Oh my. I don’t like the look of those drums. Toxic? No thanks. They must work for the city or something. I bet they’re in charge of cleaning up hazardous waste, judging by their outfits. It’s good work if you can get it. My Marty — god rest his soul — used to work for the sanitation department. He’d love this show. OH DEAR. Those scowls are terrifying. This is no Montel, I’ll tell you that much. Skipping to the next one. “All hail the king?” I’m beginning to think this isn’t a show about city employees. Maybe the last poster will clear things up. *head explodes*

Season 1

bb season 1

Season 2

bb season 2

Season 3

bb season 3

Season 4

bb s4

Season 5 (part one)

bb 5

Season 5 (part two)

breaking bad key art

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