Prepare To Ride Again With The First Game Trailer For ‘Sons Of Anarchy: Prospect’

I’m just about to start season 7 in my binge-y first watch of Sons of Anarchy, so I haven’t yet had the chance to miss the show yet. For those of you who presently have that ache, though, the Sons of Anarchy video game that we first told you about last month could be the perfect near-replacement. But this game isn’t going to be all about Jax Teller and his plucky pile of friends. Instead, Sons of Anarchy: Prospect takes you through the experience of being an SOA prospect. It’s like you’re Ratboy, basically.

As you can see from the above “rough cut” trailer, which was tweeted out by Sons of Anarchy creator and stabby prison crab-apple Kurt Sutter, Prospect is a first-person look into the gritty world of SAMCRO with ample violence and motorcycle riding in the rain. Is that Joel McHale on his knees with a hood over his head about to get executed? Probably not. Am I over-eager to show off my newly acquired knowledge of the show in almost every sentence of this article? Abso-f*cking-lutely.

The first episode of Sons of Anarchy: Prospect will be released at some point this year on tablet and mobile phones with subsequent episodes to follow. No word on if there will be a Trig and Venus-centric episode. I’m sorry.

Source: EW