Imagine ‘Mad Men’ As A Bad Ass Blaxpoitation Film And The Result Would Be ‘Don-O-Mite’

It was around the moment when Don Draper shot Roger Sterling that I said to myself, “I would pay money to watch this.” Of course we already have Black Dynamite and Mad Men is an island all by itself, so ‘Don-O-Mite‘ will remain just a parody. But it’s certainly an awesome parody.

If anything, I wish the actual cast of Mad Men were involved in this. Not in Roger Sterling approved blackface, but just as themselves. I have the urge to see the real Pete Campbell run for his life from a back alley dice game and I’m afraid his days are truly numbered, be it at the hands of bears or coyotes.

My only complaint? Why’s it gotta be Black Peggy? Why can’t the other one be White Peggy and this one just be Peggy. Why do I feel the need to trot out tired humor? Because I’m easily amused and it was the first joke I thought of when I saw the name “Black Peggy.”

(Via Leroy & Clarkson)