The Poop Scene From Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Louie’ Was Four Years In The Making

Last night’s episode of Louie, titled A La Carte, began with a 3-minute cold open that should easily qualify as one of the funniest scenes in the show’s history. The rundown: Louie is out grocery shopping with his daughters when he realizes he needs to poop badly. Like, real real bad. This begins a frantic quest — with his daughters in tow — to find a place to provide him the relief he so desperately needs.

Vulture got to speak with Pamela Adlon — who not only acts on the show as “Pamela” — but is one of the only writer/producers on the series. According to Adlon, it has taken her four years to get Louis C.K. to put this scene on the show.

Four f*ckin’ years! Four f*ckin’ years I’ve been saying to Louie please. Please do this scene where you have to sh*t, and you’ve got the kids, and you’ve go to go to the public restroom, and you’ve got to put [your daughter] on your shoulder because you don’t trust her alone in there. I mean, we talked about so many scenarios. Because how does a dad, a single dad, take a sh*t in a public restroom with his daughters? It took years of talking about this. Years.

Why exactly did it take four years to get this 3-minute scene made? Well…

Because things happen. Sometimes he writes six-part f*ckin’ episodes with a Hungarian woman in an elevator.

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(Source: Vulture)