Kevin Spacey And Hillary Clinton Spoofed ‘House Of Cards’ For Bill Clinton’s Birthday

If there’s one person who could go toe-to-toe with the scheming, murderous and smooth-talking Frank Underwood, it’s Hillary Clinton. The former Secretary of State was the (seemingly willing) victim of a prank phone call made by House of Cards star Kevin Spacey in honor of her husband and former president Bill Clinton’s 68th birthday. Apparently, Mr. Underwood gets bored in Washington during the summer and his main source of entertainment is f*cking with his predecessors.

You don’t see Spacey’s on-screen alter ego doing someone else’s dirty work very often, which is why watching him try to shakedown Hillary for some answers on what she has planned for Bill’s special day is so hilarious. (Sorry Bill, it looks like that baby elephant isn’t in the cards this year.) But what makes this parody truly great is Spacey’s spot-on impression of good ‘ol Bubba.

Via NY Daily News