Here’s What Happens When You Type Or Yell ‘Hodor’ Into A Google Search

It’s still a while until Game of Thrones will return for its 5th season but that hasn’t kept the show out of the limelight one bit. There’s a new beer, a new video game and the recent news from Turkey. And with Hodor missing from the upcoming season, Google has gone and given us a little gift.

The company has implemented an Easter egg of sorts on both their mobile app and website that is all about Hodor. Go open a new tab right now and type the big man’s name into Google’s search field. Here’s what happens:

And if you’re more prone to using their mobile app, just go ahead and yell “Hodor!” into the phone.

Now just Hodor to your Hodor’s Hodor!

(Via: Google/Vox/Game Informer)

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