Here’s Your First Full Look At The New ‘Doctor Who’ LEGO Set

If you’re both a Doctor Who fan and LEGO enthusiast, well, first off, we should hang out. Second, your day is about to get really good. On Tuesday, the fine folks behind the toy bricks unveiled the upcoming Doctor Who LEGO set — and it looks pretty packed.

We’ve known for a while that LEGO and the BBC have been working on this set, and we’ve already gotten an early glimpse of Who-related LEGO with the release of LEGO Dimensions. However, this is our first look at the full set, and it’s got some good stuff. Figures include the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors, as well as Clara Oswald, the Weeping Angels and the Daleks. As far as the TARDIS is concerned, both the police box exterior and the bigger-on-the-inside interior are included, which means the folks at home can create their own library with a swimming pool.

The set will hit stores Dec. 1, so you can buy it as a holiday gift for the Doctor Who fan in your life (or just say you’re buying it as a gift but, really, you’re keeping it for yourself and, honestly, why the hell not?), and retails at a not entirely unreasonable $59.99.

(Via TheMarySue)