Who Was The Man In The White Suit On This Week’s ‘Preacher’?

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06.12.16 3 Comments

Through the first three episodes of Preacher, the series still possesses the intimacy of a small-town drama centered around three characters, one of whom just happens to be a vampire, and the other of whom just happens to be able to control the actions of people with his voice. Anville, Texas is like a deranged Mayberry with a small-town preacher, a well-meaning cop, his arsefaced Opie, and a town drunk who beats his wife… because she likes it.

In its scope, Preacher feels nothing like the universe created by Garth Ennis in the comics, which jumped all over the globe, from NYC to San Francisco to France, and was populated with dozens of characters and a sex scene or a brutal act of violence on every other page. Right now, Preacher is a show that took three characters from the comics — Jesse Custer, Cassidy, and Tulip — and grounded them in a different world. It’s not as fast-paced or depraved as the source material, but it is more relatable, and far better suited to weekly episodes on the small screen.

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