The ‘Hey Arnold!’ Opening Credits Left One Fan With Many Angry Questions

Between Nickelodeon figuring out how to give adults their nostalgia fix and Hey Arnold! reportedly making a return to the theaters, interest in ol’ football head has never been higher. It has also led some to go back and reexamine their thoughts on the show. While some might take issue with Sid’s nose placement or everyone hating on Oskar, Vulture managed to find one person who decided to focus all his scrutiny on the opening credits.

Indeed, berleezy had some valid questions about some of the goings on in the theme song. Why are the kids out so late at night? Who would take a bus just to tell Arnold to get out of the way? How did that creepy kid manage to grab the flashlight? All valid questions, but why stop at the opening? Does Gerald have a hi-top fade or is his head just shaped that way? And how does that kid keep managing to stalk Helga? I swear, he deserves every single punch he gets.

You can watch the full video of berleezy’s critique below. along with one of Fairly OddParents. Timmy “imagining” his fairy godparents puts the show in a whole new light.

(Via Vulture)